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We share high-performance computing techniques and insights with the software development community. Our contributing authors are experienced in a range of technologies and software quality solutions.

Ricky D Spears

Ricky is an independent author, consultant, instructor, courseware creator, and solutions architect with expertise in search engine optimization, web design, and e-commerce solutions. His deep background with transaction processing and multi-tier architectures, combined with his uncommon ability to see both the big picture and the details at the same time, has often led him to discover and share connections and solutions that others may have missed, across a variety of technologies and industries. He has authored a number of training manuals, taught classes, and served as manager of a training division for Microsoft employees.

Kirk J Krauss

Kirk has over a decade's experience as the lead developer of the runtime components of the PurifyPlus for Windows family of dynamic analysis tools for native code. He also has experence developing multithreaded and distributed computing solutions involving cross-platform support of native code components, entity analytics and motion processing software, and a range of automated systems. He has been a contributing author for Dr. Dobb’s Journal. He now researches the value of patented inventions, for IBM.

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